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Our mortgage team is mainly made up of professionals so experience shouldn’t be a problem. We are mainly focused on providing our clients with the highest quality of service they can get. We cater for all their mortgaging need any time. We take into consideration all the available home loan programs in the area that you come from and the lowest rate before determining the best loan that is specifically meant for you. Our mortgagee team has years of experience. No matter the purpose of the loan, we will help you find the best loan with very low-interest rates.



It requires a 3.5% down payment which is actually very low, the premium mortgage insurance is very reduced, the repayment terms are very flexible. The interest rates are very low.


It requires a high debt to income ratio for one to qualify for the loan. the interest rates and qualifications are very attractive. No down payment is necessary. It also provides rehab loans. 


Considering it’s a government program, it offers low rates. It also easy to qualify for this loan and similar to the FHA loan, no down payment is necessary.


Your home location and income will determine if you qualify for this loan. no down payments are necessary and the required premium insurance is low

Our ultimate objective is developing a good relationship with all our clients so that they may turn to us anytime for all their mortgage needs. We hope to provide the service that we offer in the future. Compared to other many lending companies, secrecy is our pride. All your personal information is safe with us. we are the most trusted lending institution there is. You can speak directly to any of our professionals anytime by just giving us a phone call. We also have numerous interactive tools on our website which you can also take advantage of. 

We at prodigy lending team have been providing five-star service for more than seventeen years. Come to us today an initiate your loan pre-approval. For more than the past seven years, we have been awarded as the best workplace. We are focused on providing the best services one can get. Our mortgages come with the lowest rates one can get. We offer loans for either refinancing or purchasing. In the united states, we are known as the best mortgage lending company. 

Our many loan programs will be a guarantee that you will get the best one that suits you. Market conditions determine the interest rates that you are likely to receive. An obligation quote can be used as security since the market conditions are ever-changing. It can be done simply by filling out a form. 

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