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Our lending team consists of professionals who come from different parts of the state. We are mainly focused on providing our clients with the best service in terms of mortgages that they can get. Combining low-interest rates and the available loan programs, our team of specialists will be in a position to know the best loan that suits you. It doesn’t matter the purpose of the loan as our professionals will work to ensure that you get it at the lowest possible rate. 



Your income and home location will actually be a very big determinant if whether or not you qualify for the loan. The premium mortgage insurance associated with the loan is very low. no down payment is necessary. This means that it can be 100% financed. The rates that come with the complete financing option is very low. 


This loan is offered by the government and has low rates. It’s easy to qualify for the loan. The interest rates associated with the loan are also very low. A down payment is not a must. The closing costs is also very low. No mortgage insurance premium is necessary.


It requires a very high debt to income ratio for one to qualify for the loan. it also provides rehab loans. The interest rates are actually very attractive.  


This loan does not require any lender fee, has low-interest rates, a low premium mortgage insurance and also a low down payment.

Our main goal has been to develop and maintain a good relationship with our clients so that we may be able to offer them the best services in future. Compared to many of our competitors in the mortgage world, we keep all your personal information secret. We are very well known in the mortgage market. You can be able to speak to any of our professionals any time simply by giving us a call. We also have other means of interacting with us on our website so feel free to make good use of them.

We have been providing the best services one can get for a very long period of time. Visit us today and begin your loan application. We at prodigy lending have been proud to be awarded as the best workplace for more than 8 years. We offer best and low loan rates. We are focused on being the best.

In the united states, we are very well known as the best lenders there is. You can rest assured that our loan programs will give you the best loan option you can get. Market conditions are considered before getting you the rate since market conditions are unpredictable, we recommend that you get an obligation note simply by filling out a form.

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