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Only professionals make up the able team of prodigy lending. Our professionals come from all parts of the united states. We mainly focus on offering our clients the best service for all their mortgage problems. Combining the numerous loan programs available in your locality and our low-interest rate, then our professionals will be able to determine the best loan that suits you. We ensure that you secure your loan at the lowest interest rate available.



This type of loan does not necessarily need a down payment. this in other terms means that you will be 100% financed. But in order for you to qualify for this loan, then income and the location of your home and income should be considered. The interest rate that comes with 100% financing is surprisingly low. It requires a low mortgage insurance premium.


Considering it’s a loan program that is guaranteed federally, the rates associated with it are very favorable. It’s very easy to qualify for a VA home loan.  Although the loan requires some closing costs, it’s relatively low. No premium mortgage insurance is associated with this type of loan. the loan is completely financed by the government meaning that a deposit is not mandatory.


For you to have a chance at this type of loan, your debt to income ratio must be high. Down payment associated with this loan is 3.5%. it’s actually higher than the one for conventional loans. Qualifications necessary for you to get this type of loan are easy to secure. This type of loan offers very favorable interest rates which end up to be very attractive at long last. 


This loan does not require one to pay any type of lenders fees. Compared to the federal housing administration, premium mortgage insurance is actually reduced. The loan repayment terms are actually very favorable and can go for as long as ten years. Once you make sure that your credit score is approved, you can rest assured that your interest rate will be very low. 

We are mainly focused on developing a relationship that will last with or clients so that we can keep on offering them the quality of service they deserve for the time to come. Your information is safe with us as we keep it a secret since privacy is one of our top priorities. We are very well known in the lending market at large. For more than 17 years, we have been providing the best services one can get and for the past eight years, we have been awarded as the best working place. our mortgage rate will be offered considering the market conditions and since they are ever-changing, it’s advisable for you to get an obligation quote.

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