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Our team is made up of professionals who mainly specialize in mortgages. They come from different parts of the united states. Our professionals have years of experience so getting the best work done should not be a problem. We are mainly committed to offering the best service that you can possibly get. We will ensure that you get a home loan that specifically suits all your needs and expectations. This is done by simply combining the lowest interest rate that you can get together with the available home loans that you qualify for. No matter the purpose of the loan, we ensure that it comes with the lowest interest rates that you may get. 



This type of loan requires a 3% down payment only. Although it also requires a down payment, it’s very low compared to FHA loans. The loan also comes with very flexible loan repayment terms which can go as long as 10 years. Once you get your credit score approved, the Interest rates are very low.


It requires a 3.5% down payment. Qualifications for this loan are easy to secure.  It also comes with low-interest rates. For you to qualify, your debt to income ratio should be high. The loan also provides rehab loans.


It’s very easy to qualify for this type of loan. Also, it does not require any down payment. closing costs associated is very low. rates that come with the loans are very good.


Similar to the VA loan, no down payment is necessary. Also, interest rates are very favorable. A mortgage insurance premium is also necessary but very low. Your home location and income will be assessed before qualifying for the loan.

We are mainly focused on developing a very good and firm relationship with our clients. This acts as an assurance that we will continue offering the best service that they can get in the future. Many mortgage companies don’t take into consideration the privacy of their clients. We at prodigy lending keep safe and private all the information concerning all our clients. we are very well known in the lending sector as being trustworthy. Our team of professionals is available anytime to offer assistance that you may need. You can reach us and speak to them by simply giving us a call. Many interactive tools are also available on our website. Make sure that you take advantage of them. Working with you will be a very great opportunity for us and to you in return.

For a period of more than seventeen years, we have been offering the best services that you can get. Visit us today and get your loan preapproval process initiated. For the previous 8 years, we have been awarded as the best place to work in the united states. We have been recognized as offering excellent service you can get. Our home loans come with very low rates.  We offer rates basing on the existing market conditions. It’s advisable to get a no-obligation quote since market conditions are unpredictable. 

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